As COVID-19 hit, Momentum wanted to get ahead of the spread of the virus with a public awareness campaign that centred around prevention and education, yet also embraced a much-needed sense of community for South Africans in social isolation.

How We
Did It

We conceptualised and executed our “Homefluencers” campaign.

Supported by a 4-week radio burst that reminded listeners to wash their hands, our 6-week influencer campaign featured 11 hand-selected influencers posting supportive, informative and inspiring content via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, giving South Africans tips, tricks and a reason to smile during lockdown.


Tier 1 Influencers: - Facebook Reach: 34 421 - Instagram Reach: 1 044 584 - Twitter Reach: 2 863 531 - Twitter Impressions: 11 200 000 - Twitter Trends: Trending 8 TIMES throughout the campaign and earning a spot in the Top 5 Trends list in South Africa on each occasion

Tier 2 Influencers: - Facebook Reach: 35 269 - Instagram Reach: 184 076 - Twitter Impressions: 99 645